The method

The 4bart4 method of order is built on one core foundation - Ensuring the design and production of YOUR perfect partner for endless adventures. In order to ensure that we get it right, we have designed the following method of the order/build process.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter - 4bart4


All of the 4bart4 adventure vans are designed on the body of a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. We order the Sprinter for you and we transform it into your partner for endless adventures.


To be able to provide you with your dream partner we start with an interview where we try to get to know you, your hobbies, wishes, adventure and other needs. With the pre-designed and tested light-weight aluminum structures and outside and inside storage systems, we can design and deliver a vehicle that fits your adventure needs – it can be enduro, ski-touring, surfing, hunting, … or a mix of the above.


The design

We propose the layout, systems and designs according to your needs and wishes. We have designed special aluminum bed/seating/storage systems as well as kitchenets that we can modulary set up in order to ensure the perfect combination of rest/storage spaces. Together we identify all modifications to make your dream adventure vehicle come true.


We purchase the best materials on the market, locally subcontract from top brand manufacturers and install all components and ensure a perfect finish. The systems are all built to last and endure all of your adventures.

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We deliver the camper van of your dreams and ensure that your endless adventures can begin. We also stay as your partner and provide service as well as upgrades if needed anytime in the future.

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