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Our interior and exterior components and parts have been carefully designed and are built with precision and love. Do you want to know how and why? Take a closer look into the building process at 4bart4.



Before the start of the build, the most important step is the design of individual components and the layout of the van, which includes inventory and selection of the key systems (electrical, battery type and power, solar panels, heating, water…), color scheme, materials, kitchen and cabinet layouts and additional equipment storage equipment. We listen carefully to your wishes and needs and prepare plans and discuss them with you until we are sure that we have the plan of your perfect partner within the cost limits you have set for yourself.


The van footprint is limited in size, therefore the layout and systems location are key when engineering a succesful van conversion. At 4bart4 we focus on performance and attention to detail. We are passionate when it comes to building the perfect vehicle to match your specifications. There are many different options to choose from, when it comes to electrical, water and heating systems and we make sure that you get the best fit for your needs, hobbies and budget.



Without a solid foundation, you can not reach the end goal. At 4bart4 we promise a campervan that will endure your adventures. We have chosen the best possible van, which ensures the best driving experience and the best performance 4 wheel drive. Sometimes we forget that to travel and have adventures means being on the road for a long time and that being in touch with nature and finding that perfect sport spot, means going off the main road. We also use the best materials and ensure the highest quality sound damping and insulation, that makes for a smooth and quiet driving experience along with insulation for temperature regulation in all seasons. These foundation features lead to a longer lasting, better performing vehicle.


To create your perfect living environment and adventure partner, means that we need to strategically and design and install efficient power, water, electrical and heat systems that are safely and discreetly housed within the van. We tailor each system to your specific needs and budget. We do not install gas systems, but use power systems charged with state of the art lithium batteries and solar power systems to ensure off-grid experiences.



From galley kitchens to tables, seating, and cabinets, all pieces are handcrafted by local experts. We use the best materials to ensure durability and efficiency to withstand the roughest driving conditions and extreme temperatures. We also take great care about the design, because having a unique experience and the perfect partner also means it needs to look the part and you need to feel good living in it.


At 4bart4 we have designed and built special light weight metal components, which make our vans unique. In doing this we focused on function and performance as we construct products specially for our vehicles. From custom racks to side racks and special modular bed systems the custom and durable components are designed for you, so that they cater to your hobbies and needs.



Our team focuses on performance as quality upholstery is essential to maintaining comfort in extreme temperatures. From special curtains to quality and unique wall and ceiling upholstery, to ensure the best comfort as well as a unique and modern look.

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